Consular ID cards

Consular Identity cards are also issued for bonafide Ghanaian nationals at a cost of 3,000 CFAF. The cards have a validity of two years. These cards establish the Ghanaian identity of persons in Benin without passports and helps the Embassy to establish the bonafides of Ghanaian nationals in benin in cases of emergency. The cards are also accepted by the local authorities for day to day transactions. Please click the link here for the application forms for consular ID cards.


Travel Certificate  

Ghanaian Travel Certificates are issued only to persons who are not in possession of Ghana Passports and require traveling to Ghana in an emergency situation. They are usually good for three months. Upon completion of a Travel Certificate Form, applicants will be required to produce evidence of Ghanaian nationality such as photocopy of a passport, birth, together with 2 passport size photos and a fee of 5,000 FCFA. Applicants are required to apply personally at the Mission for an interview at the time of submitting the request for the Travel Certificate.

The links to the application form for the Travel Certificate is here.