In line with the Government of Ghana's intense desire to actively engage the Ghanaian Diaspora in the national dialogue and development process, the Embassy has initiated a process for Diaspora engagement, which is carried out through town hall meetings with Ghanaian national associations in the respective cities and towns of Benin, briefing sessions for segments of the Ghanaian Diaspora and a responsive commitment to the expressed and general needs of the Diaspora community.

To help the Government of Ghana better appreciate the concerns of the Ghanaian Diaspora, a commnity survey is being carried out to compile and analyse these concerns at the following link: http//



Registration of Ghanaian Nationals

Ghanaians who are resident abroad should at the earliest opportunity register their names and addresses at the nearest Diplomatic Mission or Consulate of Ghana. Failure to do so may in a period of emergency result in difficulty or delay in according them the assistance and protection of which they are entitled. Changes of address or departure from the country should also be notified to the Mission or Consulate.

To facilitate registration of nationals, the form below is provided: