Application for Ghana Passports

Applicants, guarantors and witnesses are to note that the making of a false statement for the purpose of procuring a passport is an offence under Section 15 of the Passport and Travel Certificate Decree (NLC155, 11967) of the Republic of Ghana.

Where it is not possible to prosecute such persons in a criminal court because they live outside Ghana, such persons  be disqualified from holding or acquiring a Ghana passport, and any passport already issued to them shall be withdrawn and confiscated. They may also be arrested and dealt with under Ghana law anytime they attempt to enter Ghana.

PRESENTATION: Application forms must be duly completed from Section 1 through 15. N° 11 (i) and (ii) - the Guarantors Section must be completed by two Ghanaians. Section 15 - Witness Section should also be completed by a Ghanaian. Both Indian and Ghanaian addresses are required in each section.

Should an applicant be less than 18 years, the Parents/Guardians must complete Section 13, date and sign the Form.

Should an adult applicant who cannot read or write request that the Form be completed on his/her behalf, Section 14 must be completed by the said person.

Right Thump Print of ALL Applicants is to be imprinted on the Form at N°16. Four passport size photographs must be attached. The photographs should be endorsed at the back by the studio and dated.

Please attach the old passport which will be duly cancelled and returned together with the new one. The Processing Fee is 35,000 cfa. Passport Application Forms are 5,000 cfa each.

Please allow four to six weeks for the processing of your new passport.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Passports

An applicant for a replacement passport must duly complete a passport application form and return it with four passport-size photos, birth certificate, police report, Medical Card, Landed Immigrant Document and Driver's License (if any).

Applicants in this category will be invited to the Mission for an interview in order for the Mission to satisfy itself that they are bona fide Ghanaian nationals. Applicants are kindly requested to call the Mission to schedule appointments for interviews.