The Ghana Stock Exchange is a small but vibrant capital market that has consistently performed far above its weight. Indeed, in the year 2008, despite the global downturn and the pull-out of investments by FIIs, the Ghana Stock Exchange witnessed one of the most outstanding performances of listed equities and was the best stock exchange in Africa and among the very top performers worldwide. A year to date gain of 58.06% on the index was achieved by end December 2008. The GSE All- Share index ended the year with 10,431.64 points compared to 6,599 points in 2007.  By December 2008, the total value of listed securities (equities and preference shares) had gone to GH¢17.9 billion, an increase of 44%. In early 2009 the Ghana stock Exchange migrated to an automated trading platform and this is expected to enhance both the quality and quantity of trading on the bourse. 

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